About Us

National Youth Council of Nigeria, in brief.

The National Youth Council of Nigeria is the statutory youth apex body saddled with youth mobilization across the 3 tiers of government towards the implementation of national/state youth policies. Established by an Act of Parliament on the 16th of August, 1964, and reinvigorated by the National Youth Policy of February 3rd, 2001, and that of 2009 as the umbrella body, apex, authentic and authoritative mouth piece for the Nigerian youth (including all voluntary uniform organizations, faith-based youth organizations, community based youth organizations with chapters and branches in all states and local governments in Nigeria.

1. Meaningful representation of youths in decision making process at all levels.
2. Create opportunities for the development of young people in the sphere of academics, sports, vocational, and career guidance.
3. Provide opportunities for leading, training through organized conferences, workshops, cross fertilizations of ideas locally and internationally.
4. Active mobilization of youth for social and development activities at all levels of government.
5. Serves as a link between the government and organized private sectors.

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