Chairman's Speech

The leadership of the state chapter of the National Youth Council of Nigeria welcomes you to our online platform; it is unarguably a one-stop source to all youth activities in Ogun state.

The vision of our leadership is primarily to create a levelly ground for all youths of Ogun State to compete favourably among other youths across the nation and beyond. This feat, we can make bold to claim, we've partly achieved via the discovery and mentorship of new breed of youths with abilities to think for themselves. It is our belief that any youth who is able to think for himself can think and walk his way to greatness.

Our evidence of uniqueness as intellectuals among our equals are not far fetched for the new breeds of Youths in Ogun state are assuming the mantle of leadership, as Generals, championing worthy causes for our fellow youths across the nation. Citing my capacity as the Leader of all youths in SouthWest Nigeria, I am proud to proclaim that I am only a bit of the icing of the unquantifiable and amazing qualities of the over four million resourceful and intelligent youths of Ogun State.

Our collective matrimony is to secure for our youths befitting channels to be the resounding voices notable across the world. We are not 'full' of ourselves with this expression, we are simply protecting our position in the place of history - to always be and to remain the gateway to greatness in Nigeria and beyond.
I wish you a wonderful experience as you surf through. . .

Ise ya! Omo Ogun, Ise ya!
—His Youthfulness, Com. Abdul-Jabar Ayelaagbe
State Chairman, NYCN